P3 has been established 1996 as spinoff of the Frauenhofer institute of Production Technology, Aachen, Germany. The company has now more than 3900 team-members at more than 45 locations worldwide.

Since 2009, P3 is offering consulting services in China. In 2013, P3 was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of P3 Group in Shanghai, China.

Now P3 is starting to bloom with branch and offices in Beijing and Shenzhen.

P3 focuses on the automotive, aviation, telecommunication and energy fields and our consultant are specialized in:

  • Consulting Services
  • Management Support
  • Engineering Solutions

At P3, you will have the opportunity to work with international talented people, cutting-edge technologies and leading companies.

P3 Group

Heilbronner Str. 86
70191 Stuttgart

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