User Engagement Consultant

Wommelgem, Belgium


Entry Level Position


Student, final academic year





As a user engagement consultant, you coach and guide our customers’ key users and planners to ensure the optimal use of the OMP planning solution. Your training helps them understand the fundamentals of supply chain planning. You also act as the first point of contact for key users, planners, and subject matter experts for tool-related questions.

You are responsible for:

  • Supporting key users and subject matter experts during functionality validation by preparing validation workshops and guiding the validation of all possible business scenario variants.
  • Ensuring planning actions support the business objectives and KPIs defined in the design phase.
  • Guiding the business process owner to refine planning activities into planning actions within all relevant constraints.
  • Sharing best practices and useful tips and tricks for maximum planner satisfaction.
  • Documenting the planning cycle into flow charts and clear instruction.
  • Guiding customers to effectively improve the quality of the master data needed by our planning software.
  • Developing a full-scale training plan for the different roles in the future planning cycle.
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