Urban AD Infrastructure & Test Field Operation

Beijing, China


Entry Level Position

Career Status

Young Professional



Start Date


Objective of job

• Define and clarify China specific requirement on urban AD;

• Understanding MB urban AD strategy;

• Clarify China urban specification of infrastructure regards of AD;

• Clarify the implementation of AD technology based on China urban infrastructure;

• Clarify the status of China AD test field;

• Define cooperation mode with China AD test field;

• Management of China AD test field cooperation;

• Other tasks assigned by management team.



• Education

-  Bachelor or above in Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computing Sciences or Artificial Intelligence; or other equivalents

• Experience

-  Automobile engineering at OEM or supplier;

-  Technical cooperation project experience;

-  Project management experience beneficial;

-  Other equivalent experience;

• Specific Knowledge

-  Fluent English, and Chinese (written/spoken);

-  Good communication coordination skill with external parties and internal parties;

-  Team player with open-minded work attitude and ability to adapt to new situations;

-  Good computer and MS office knowledge.


Task description

• Clarify China specific urban infrastructure status for AD 

-  Understanding MB AD strategy and technology;

-  Evaluate and clarify use case of China urban AD scenario;

-  Collect relevant info regarding China specification;

-  Clarify implementation scenario of MB and joint AD technology;

-  Clarify urban AD implementation relevant regulatory requirement on infrastructure;

-  Evaluate China infrastructure development;

• Cooperation with China AD testing field  

-  Clarify China AD testing field status;

-  Define cooperation business mode;

-  Ensure to fulfill internal testing requirement;

-  Clarify requirement of the testing filed;

-  Internal contact window to the testing fields;

• General

-  Tracking and share relevant information & status to other relevant parties;

-  Define and improve the reliable cooperation strategy and plan;

-  Clarify necessary information of regulatory requirement;

-  Stable working relationship among RD China, HQ and external partners;

• Extend cooperation scope

-  Evaluate and analyze other potential cooperation testing fields;

-  Evaluate and analyze multi-joint cooperation with internal and external partners. 


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