Sr. Sp. SE Team Leader_Rear Body



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Senior Specialist SE-Team Leader_Body in White Boot Lid

Corporate DivisionR&D

Division, located in Shenyang/China

Employment - full time


The core objectives of this position are to steer/ manage all engineering topics of exterior and interior components for vehicles to be developed, further developed, launched and/or produced in China.

Engineering responsibility and support for EK-contents with focus on problem solving, change management, design& release management and test& validation during series development and production phase (ITO/LCI/Launch/SB/WE).


Key Responsibilities

·        Leading the engineering team consisting of the complete process chain (purchasing, cost engineering, assembly planning, methods, testing and validation, simulation, etc.) for certain modules and SE-Team contents in body or exterior trims for China projects

·        Leading and steering of the problem solving process including the complete process chain, like R&D departments in Munich, PV-derivates, release department and plant internal process chain partners, like analysis, QMT, problem solving-teams, assembly, product integration, launch control, logistics, purchasing for engineering topics on parts (body and interior trim)

·        Manages engineering service providers and component suppliers

·        supports concept engineer during concept phase and takes over the responsibility for the design from the concept engineer with target agreement

·        Guarantees the commonality of the components among all derivatives of the product line

·        Incorporates engineering kits (Baukästen)

·        Takes responsibility for the change management for related Module/SE-Team content (gAMS)

·        Generates product specifications and service level agreements

·        Provides status reports concerning his area of responsibility to Module Leader in time for project milestones (synchro points)

·        Detects conflicts of goals and objectives, develops potential solutions an expedites the decision-making process

·        Supports Module Leader regards to the target agreement with the PV (Process Chain Leader) and the CoC (Development of front and rear end systems)


·        Degreed Engineer in "Automotive or Mechanical or Industrial or Plastics Engineering"

·        Knowledge regarding mechanics, vibrations, static and dynamic resistance, joining techniques

·        Experienced utilization of TAIS, CATIA V5, PC office applications

·        Analytical skills, methodical thinking, creativity, self initiative

·        Good knowledge regarding the Body-in-white Boot Lid, Tailgate Sealing, Windshield& HUD, and/or vehicle assembly process

·        Has deep understanding of customer requirements

·        Communication skills, team leading skills, skills for moderation and presentation

·        German and English language skills with the ability for negotiations

·        competency in project management, product development

·        Special sense, analytical and methodical thinking, creativity, self -initiative, assertiveness, poise

·        works well in teams, has an excellent work ethics

·        Engineering, preferably automotive (OEM) or automotive suppliers 1-3 Years

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