Software Solution Engineer/软件方案工程师_传感器



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岗位职责/Job Responsibilities:
1. 软件开发 – 博世传感器嵌入式软件和融合算法研发
Software and technical solution based on Bosch sensor products.
Responsible for embedded software development, including architecture design and implementation.
Responsible with signal processing, fusion and algorithm design based on matlab with inputs from MEMS sensors(Accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, pressure, etc.).
2. 产品支持 – 为客户提供传感器应用解决方案和技术支持
MEMS sensor reference solution and technical support for customer
3. 市场领先技术 -- 了解行业技术动向,快速原型开发
Technology scouting in area of MEMS sensor and implementation in fast prototype for innovation projects
4. 软件开发流程 -- 遵循软件开发流程
Fulfil Bosch software engineering process, including system design, implementation and integration into target platform, sanity testing, design review and release

岗位要求/Job Requirements:
1. 教育背景:硕士或以上学历,电子、计算机、软件及相关专业;
Master degree or above in Electronic Engineering,Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent.
2. 项目经验:智能穿戴,物联网,手机或半导体工作经验;
Desired some project experience in wearable, Android, IoT, mobile or semiconductor industry.
3. 英文:CET-6级以上,出色的英文书写及口语能力,可以和国外同事有效沟通;
Excellent English in both spoken and written, CET6 above.
4. 软件工具:熟练使用C/C++, Python, Matlab or equivalent
Familiar with C/C++, Python, Matlab or equivalent
5. 能力要求:
• 良好的沟通表达能力,具有灵活性,善于解决问题;
Communication ability with all levels of people and flexible, good technical problem solving skills.
• 较强的组织协调能力,关注细节,具有团队合作精神;
Team player with good organization and coordination skills, attention to details.
• 高度的责任心,工作积极主动,善于合理分配时间,。
Pro-active, high sense of responsibility, excellent time management skills.


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