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Essential Function 1: Innovation activities in polycondensation technologies    

1. Process development for polymerisation of targeted resins as per innovation guidelines

2. Monitor state of the art and latest technology & processes  

Essential Function 2: Operational        

1. Optimization of polymerisation processes 

2. Adapt and optimize the additives for proper addition in the polymerisation process 

3. Evaluation of additives in polymerisation and characterisation of prepared resins 

4. Liase with testing, processing and analytic laboratories for respective activities     

Essential Function 3: Customer support & troubleshooting    

1. Mimic and optimise customer polycondensation setup to validate CLN solutions

2. Recommend polymerisation conditions for CLN solutions according to customer setup

3. Support customer on-site when needed for the scale up &/or implementation of CLN solutions    

Essential Function 4: Polycondensation Lab Management    

1. Organize and maintain the Polycondensation lab according to legal & safety requirements and Clariant guidelines

2. Set up and maintain SOPs and hazard assessments

3. Secure global quality standards for test procedures and documentation (ELN)  

4. Ensure maintanance of lab equipment 

5. Ensure test equipment is regularly calibrated and serviced    

6. Maintain, implement and manage development projects with team members from different diciplines

Job Requirements:

Education:PhD in Polymer Chemistry or polymerisation technologies, esp. polycondensation of polyesters polyamides, polycarbonates and biopolymers

Business experience:  3-5 years in Polymerisation field within a multinational company 

Additional Qualifications:Structured work style, good communication skills (English in oral and written form), expertise in project management

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