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Objective of job

• Remote UI function provide customer solutions for navigation, phone, online/offline entertainment and other features via smart phone integration. Daimler and smart phone company/service provider/content provider cooperated and integrated their interfaces and it possible to use HU to operate those features. Beside the development stage of infotainment system, Daimler should make sure when there is a new version of smart phone/App SW released, all customers could continue to use it especially for the new features.

• Overall Interoperability testing of the telematics system with specific focus on the wireless technology Bluetooth and WIFI as well as on USB. Documentation of the results on the MB customer web page for Connectivity. Evaluation of each SW release in accordance to given project plans and pre-defined SW releases in regard to completeness and accuracy of the implemented features. Documentation, analysis and tracking of defects in cooperation with developments departments and suppliers.

• The candidate will take over the role of the Market Function Owner, who is working closely together with the Customer Function Owners in Daimler RD Headquarters and Customer Function Owner in China for Baidu CarLife. The focus of the role will point to the market specific needs, the market specific implementation and the specific content and its content providers.



• Education

-  Master degree in Computer Science or similar course of studies

-  Fluent English and Chinese is mandatory; German language knowledge is an advantage

• Experience

-  Minimum 3 years working experience at an internet company, Mobile Phone Company, OEM or suppliers

-  Certified engineer in the field of computer science, telematics, information technologies or similar qualification

-  At least 1 year driving experience of passenger cars

-  Longer stay in Germany or abroad (Business or education)

• Specific Knowledge

-  Familiar with Bluetooth air tracing incl. analysis of the air traces; knowledge of WIFI air tracing as plus

-  Profound knowledge about mobile networks (GSM & CDMA), their standards and supported features

-  Deep knowledge in communication/error analysis based on onboar and off-boar log files

-  Ability to drive the problem solving process self-contained with high degree of persistence and patience

-  High affinity to the use of telematics systems and consumer electronics products

-  Good communication and organizational skills

-  Willingness to travel inside China and abroad


Task description

• Definition of China Demands & Support of 1-Voice-For China process

-  Monitoring the market solutions of competitors and aftermarket solutions

-  Defining together with Digital Demand Group China specific demands in order to ensure 1-Voice-For-China alignment within all involved parties in China

-  Aligning with CFO of mobile devices, remote UI and Baidu CarLife the given constraints for the mobile devices and remote UI architecture

-  Support the China demand process in the MFO role

• Specification of China specific requirements

-  Being familiar with the related specifications for remote UI

-  Specifying in alignment with the CFO of mobile devices, remote UI and Baidu CarLife the market specific requirements in the given format. After review with CFO of mobile devices, remote UI and Baidu CarLife, the China spec parts shall be easy to integrate into the core specifications.

• Implementation with RD HQ and suppliers

-  Accompanying the implementation of the application related features with the suppliers (Baidu and related suppliers if needed)

-  Monitoring the implementation roll-out plan and ensuring the implementation according schedule

-  Initiating measures in case of any project risk (e.g. escalation, workshops together with suppliers/partners, etc.)

• Testing and Validation

-  Validating the implemented features according given specification

-  Supporting China release test drives actively

-  Providing maturity and status reports to the management and CFO of mobile devices, remote UI and Baidu CarLife regularly

-  Making sure all functions needed for remote UI are involved in the testing activities

-  Creating test specification for China specific features and functions (Basic test specification shall be provided by CFO)

-  Ensuring End-2-End validation of the defined applications in China

• Defect Tracking and Workshops

-  Documenting all findings properly in DANTE we defect management

-  Ensuring availability of log files for root-cause analysis

-  Following-up timely on all defects in defect states rejected and fixed


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