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For Computer Vision


  • Research and development of innovative computer vision concepts for application in robotics, automotive, and other fields

  • Advanced system engineering and algorithm design for applications such as SLAM, 3D reconstruction, object recognition, localization

  • Prototyping and testing of new product concepts

  • Cooperation with Bosch business units in China and worldwide for requirement analysis, technology transfer, and to evaluate market attractiveness of new concepts

  • Scouting, identification, and tracking of new trends and emerging technologies in China, derive impacts on Bosch research strategy and identify key partners

  • Collaborate with leading Chinese research institutes and participate in / lead joint projects


  1. Excellent master degree, ideally PhD, in the field of computer science, electrical engineering, physics, or related
  2. Strong knowledge in computer vision, such as visual tracking, 3D reconstruction, SLAM. Familiarity with open source vision libraries is preferred
  3. Proficiency and practical experiences in programming, e.g. C, C++,
    MATLAB, Python, and developing in Linux
  4. Experience in software verification and validation preferred
  5. Knowledge of indoor localization technologies, e.g., UWB-, WiFi-,
    Bluetooth-based, as well as functional safety is a plus
  6. International experience is a plus
  7. Passion for innovation, problem solving & entrepreneurial mindset
  8. Initiative and ability to lead research projects and implementation of research results in industrial environment
  9. Strong team player with autonomous and efficient working style
  10. Excellent communication skills, fluent in English (oral and written)


Job Description


  • Develop innovative product concepts based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology for the Chinese market
  •  Cooperate with Bosch business units worldwide for technology transfer and to evaluate market attractiveness of new concepts
  •  Design system architectures based on customer requirements for various research projects
  •  Develop and build up proof-of-concept prototypes and demonstrators (hardware & software) in our lab based on Bosch technology and existing IoT platforms
  • Test prototypes and demonstrators with users and partners from Bosch business units
  • Collaborate with local research communities and participate in lead joint projects
  • Analyze technology and market trends and derive impacts on research strategy and identify key partners


  • Excellent master degree, ideally additional PhD, in the field of computer science, electrical engineering, or similar
  • Strong expert knowledge in the research area of microelectronics, IoT applications, sensor networks, communication protocols, (embedded) software
  • Hands-on experience in implementation of hardware software system and passion for making things work, familiar with programming languages
  • Experiences in algorithm design, MEMS sensors, signal processing preferred
  • Passion for innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, good communication skills & fluent in English, team player, autonomous working style

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