PS-CQ-Quality Engineer



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Job Targets and Decision Making 岗位目标及工作权限

QB monitors and supports the achievement of all quality requirements of customers, in particularly by:
1.Coordination of compliance with applicable quality standards (eg IATF 16949, customer requirements) from Inquiry (RFQ) until hand-over of the "Project Mass delivery (Review 6) and by engineering/design changes in accordance with PLM.
2.Minimize the risk of producers by ensuring the application of quality preventive methods (FMEA, APQP, etc.) and presentation (methodology) in their creation.
3.Achieve the highest customer satisfaction.
4.Authorized to block products, production assembly lines and equipment until Review 5.
5.At risk of internal/external Q-targets  the QB infroms the affected departments, and/or escalates adequate topics to the management.
6.Customer representative during the product development phase until the start of production.


Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities 主要工作职责

1.Intensive dialogue with customer, especially with customer in quality areas and adjacent areas.
2.Coordination of the first product inspection with customer with all relevant departments.
3.Analysis of quality requirements of different specific customers, ensure internal distribution and ensure the implementation of these requirements.
4.Support or moderation (methodology) of design, process and interface FMEAs (depending on customer requirement),introducing "lessons learned" from similar products and processes.
5.Fix and monitor the specific quality goal for specific customer projects.
6.Support project manager by monitoring technical documentation of components, if required.
7.Monitoring  the APQP process including coordination of STAs (QB is the interface to the supplier management within the projects).
8.Handling of customer complaints, initiation of valid processes (8D process, PRM) and relevant customer communication until review 5.
9.Handling complaints from suppliers, as long as it concerns prototype.
10.Ensuring that specific inspection concept exist by the customer and there’s special inspection equipment at hand.
11.Generate prototype inspection plan, in cooperation with project team.
12.Participation of assembly line setup and trial runs,  first sample production and serial production (situational).
13.Customer representative during the product development phase until the start of production. Customer representative with responsibility and authority to ensure the customer requirements are met, this includes but is not limited to the selection of special characteristics, setting quality objectives and related training, corrective and preventive actions, product design and development, capacity analysis, logistics information, customer scorecards, and customer portals.


Required Competency and Qualification 任职能力及资格

1. Technical education (university degree / TH / FH / HTL if possible)

2. Good English skills / German as plus will be highly appreciated



    PS-CQ-Quality Engineer

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