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Develop and manage Clariant Operational Excellence (COX) projects within the overall scope of COX focused in CPS (Clariant Production System)        

Development and improvement of regional and local BU strategic production activities     

 1. Participate at roundtable of peers in BUs to develop CPS roadmap for best in class Operations (country/region) 

 2. Develop initiatives to create regional and local Operations strategies       

 3. Develop & improve processes, blueprints, SOPs and training related to Operations 

 4. Aquire, review, summarize, communicate and incorporate internal and external best practices 

 5. Establish and run regular workshops and meetings to define and prioritize BU needs to reach yearly BUs targets                                

Initiative rollout and implementation       

 1. Contribute to development and implement regional/local rollout-plans across BUs/sites 

 2. Develop site/region specific roadmaps with required actions 

 3. Support Area Optimization through coaching, training, workshop/meeting facilitations 

 4. Integrate CPS program with other Operational Excellence and Group Operational Excellence (GOE) initiatives     

 5. Develop and ensure delivery of required CPS trainings (concepts, process and tools)          

Initiative monitoring, measuring and sustainability     

 1. Review site/region progress & quality through regular Steering Committee meetings with BUs 

 2. Support development of targets for BUs         

 3. Conduct process reviews, run GOE/MVA assessments to ensure use, sustainability and adherence within BUs          

 4. Ensure that sites under your responsibility track projects and COX/CPS financial benefits in e.g. CPTT     

 5. Contribute to continuously improve GOE/MVA/TVA activities 

Knowledge management       

 1. Consolidate know-how and development training materials to enable rollout of tools and methodologies 

 2. Contribute in blueprint documents (guideline and training documents) 

 3. Cross-train people within COX/CPS team to apply dashboards/tools (Data Insight) 

Act as Operations ambassador internaly and externaly     

 1. Develop support for production activities with local/regional stakeholders (Champions, regional BU MCs)  

 2. Participate at seminars and conferences (Operation excellence) to get the outside -in view 

 3. Present and interact regularly with internal Blackbelts and production professionals at BU and GOE/COX events 

 4. Be partner for BU (e.g. Reg. Ops Head, Deployment leader) to enable sites to reach "world class" operations 

 5. Lead & facilitate end-to-end strategy development for e.g. Maintenance, QC, energy/sustainability for site(s)  


  1. Degree in Engineering and/or Science with relevant Operations experience     
  2. Min. 3 years professional experience in the chemical / process industry in the area of production and technology      
  3. Strong analytical skills to structure and prioritize business needs into clear plans and actions                 
  4. Change leader who can drive, inspire and motivate people                    
  5. Comfortable dealing with uncertainty and working with new employees and colleagues                 
  6. Strong project management experience, Good problem-solving and analytical skills, Good coaching and training skills Strategic Thinking, Operational Excellence, Drive for Improvement, Drive for Results, Leading People
  7. Willingness to spend min. 3 years in role and invest significant energy to make project successful 
  8. Be based in China and frequent (30%) travels locally and to some countries worldwide. 
  9. Excellent communication and presentation skills in English (other languages are desirable but not mandatory)     
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