Project Engineer



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Student, final academic year



Start Date


Job Targets and Decision Making



- Ensure the fullfillment of the project timing requirement, cost/budget requirement, quality requirement and technical requirement.
- Ensure proper project development and documentation based on company intern standard procedures and state legal requirement.
- Ensure competent approach at the customer side for all technical and project relevant issues.
- Organizational leadership for program team.
- Customer relationship management.

Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities




- Manage EPAS Program Team, handling project challenges regarding technique, timing, qualtiy, cost and fulfillment of all company intern and customer specifications and state legal requirements.
- Main contact person for customer regarding to timing, delivery, technical issues, ensure sufficient support to customer through intern competent team members.
- Ensure the fulfillment of customer requirement based on agreed techncial specification, and fulfillment of company intern and state legal requirements with Presta EPAS System
- Analyze customer requirements and translate into internal specification and cascade this specification down to subsystem specification and component specification.
- Develop the system integration test strategy
- Manage the vehicle integration considering all electrical, mechanical and software interface.
- Manage vehicle dynamic evaluation and confirmation.
- Lead internal compentent team members for product NVH, performance and durability improvement.
- Manage project reviews and risk management.
- Customer lobbying, etc

Required Competency and Qualification



- Bachelor above, Automotive, Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering    

Fluent English or German

- Excellent computer skills

- Auto or related experience is prefered

- Prjoect leader experience is prefered

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