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The PML Engineer is a Program Core Team Member, in charge of the complete industrialization of the new production lines in all involved plants for a given program, achieving targets in terms of Timing, Capacity and Production Costs in line with PMS requirements. His role is to define and implement the best Production System Concept making sure Group standards are applied, in coherency with the Faurecia Excellence System (FES) and FIS industrial strategy.

Main responsibilities are:

  • Design to Manufacturing: The PML Participates to the Product Design activities led by the PDL (Program Development Leader), contributing in reaching a product design compliant with Faurecia Industrial Targets and allowing maximum Production Profitability. He Leads Technology and Process comparative studies in case of several possible alternatives and makes sure Process Feasibility is given and validated by experts;
  • Footprint and Make or Buy Studies: With the support of his management and giver the program context, PML conducts the appropriate footprint studies and required Make or Buy comparative Studies. PML submits it to the Industrial Strategy for final decision;
  • Production System Definition: In the early phase of program, PML organizes, leads and follow-up the FES Industrial Design Worshop during Development Phase (EDW) involving full Program and Plant team, under the coordination of his PML manager. Based on a first preliminary theoritical production layout delivered by the plant, he build the preliminary program theoritical plant internal MIFD. Before Program CAR Committee Meeting, leads the FES Tool and machine Design Workshop (Cardboard), out of wich plant delivers the detailed Production Line layout and internal MIFD. Confirm the proposed Production System including traceability and conformity. Contributes and validates the MIFD, final layout. PML identifies and follow-up Industrial risks and define the back-up plan for critical processes. Check, share and take advantage of any relevant Lesson Learnt from similar process. Provide Industrial Impact on any Engineering Change Request PML leads the assessment of the refurbishment needs for the program relying on the appropriate internal or external experts and validate the effective equipment refurbishment;
  • Process FMEA: PML participates in the definition of Key Product Characterictics (KPC) and Key Control Characteristics (KCC) He coordinates and leads the PFMEA methodology during program phase with active participation of PTEs, Process Experts (GTS), Plant. Please check you have the most recent update. FAU-F-EEG-2500 EN / Issue 07 - 07/17 Property of Faurecia Page 2/3 Internal Documentation 5acXjzUk Affiliation Once PFMA completed, ensure action implementation and PFMEA update according advancement and then transfer PFMEA to plant at MPT when all required action implemented;
  • CAR Committee: PML prepares and leads the Program CAR Presentation with Program and Plant Support and Validation;
  • Industrial Timing: PML builds, updates & monitors the complete Program Industrial timing plan for tools, equipment, Packaging, Traceability and associated processes to reach MPT and SOP on time and right first time from specification to final acceptance. He coordinates Program PTE and Supply Chain Engineers within Program Team and track Plants readiness level though IPMs The PML is in charge of coordinating Traceability Implementation, Machines and tool Acceptance, making sure complete and robust PDCA is implemented and tracked. Responsible to organize T&E progress status reviews involving the plant;
  • Industrial Performance: PML defines and tracks main Industrial Performance indicators: • MOD Headcount and Work Content • Scrap Process rate • Process Capablities • Capacity Status and Process Cycle Time, including TRS Monitoring (data from plant) • Rework monitoring (data coming from PDL and plant) • Material Yield • Launch Costs consolidated in the BP (estimated and followed by plant);
  • Program Investment: PML is in charge of making sure that profitable solutions for Program Financial KPI improvement are investigated through standard, automation, digitalization with payback analysis. He optimizes Program Investment through Reuse, Bundling, Massification etc.. He also builds, updates & monitors the detailed Program Investment List, submitting CAR request and approval follow-up;
  • PMS-PRC Reporting: PML reports Manufacturing Milestones in Faurecia PMS system in coordination with Supply Chain, Plants and PTEs. He provides to Costing the Industrial target data for BP update All PMLs participate to PML Department Weekly routine;


  • Master's degree in engineering, or significant professional experience;
  • Minimum 5 years of proven experience in production or industrial area preferably in automotive sector;
  • Strong ability to work in an international and multicultural environment with complex matrix organization;
  • Strong Team spirit and positive mindset;
  • Leadership with ability to interact and coordinate complex subject with technical team;
  • Proactive with vision of long term impact and problem anticipation;
  • Knowledge in project management process,7 Quality Basics, FES.;
  • Result oriented with strong written and oral communication skills;
  • Fluent English required, and customer’s language strongly encouraged;



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