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Job Targets and Decision Making

1. support Plants regarding constructing, managing and maintaining the company computer and network in workshop, as well as data management issues 支持车间公司电脑的维护,管理及建设,包括数据管理等。
2. ensure efficient implementation of new products and processes on existing machines 确保在已有的电脑上,新工艺和产品能够有效实施。
3. support machine suppliers in order to ensure the start-up of new machines/modules according to Presta Data management standards 根据Presta数据管理规范,协助设备供应商以确保新电脑/模块的安装。
4. develop Presta standards for CN market in communication with the global support team in Eschen and Mexico 与埃申和墨西哥的全球协助团队沟通,发展Presta中国市场标准。
5. achieve customer satisfaction 实现客户满意
6. objectives are solved independently and efficiently 独立高效的完成目标

Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities

1. System maintenance and efficiency 系统维护和效率

1.1 support for any PC, server, network, datamanagement problems in workshop. 协助车间所有电脑,服务器,网络及数据管理问题的解决
1.2 manage and maintain the network in workshop 管理并维护车间网络
1.3 support and maintain the computer system and software in workshop 协助并维护车间电脑系统和软件
1.4 collect process data and backup to servo收集过程数据并备份到伺服端
1.5 communicate with supplier and EU manufacturing team and supplier to solve special related issues 联系供应商和EU生产团队,解决相关的特殊问题

2.Continuous improvement持续改进:

2.1 Provide leadership and coordination for problem solving of top failures and continuous improvement of existing product lines. 为常见故障的解决提供指导和协调,持续改进现有的生产线。
2.2 Define actions, monitor the results; 确定行动计划,监查实施结果;
2.3 Lessons-learned and reporting; 经验总结并汇报

3 Project leader in production IT 生产IT项目负责人

3.1 prepare technical requirements for Datamanagement Systems 为数据管理系统制定技术要求
3.2 support suppliers by the implementation of these systems 协助供应商完成系统的实施
3.3 support final acceptance of these systems 协助完成系统的最终验收
3.4 provide technical support to new product integration & modifications; 为新产品的融合&修改提供技术支持
3.5 prepare and train operators, maintanence staff for new or improved production equipment 为操作工,维修人员提供关于新的或升级后的生产设备的培训
3.6 participate in new equipment installation, debugging & acceptence check 参与新设备的安装,调试&验收检查
3.7 support optimization of equipment and processes regarding automation issues. 针对自动化问题,协助进行设备和工艺的改善
3.8 communicate with supplier and EU manufacturing team and supplier to solve special related issues 联系供应商和EU生产团队,解决相关的特殊问题
3.9 report to supervisors about all important incidents in his/her area of responsibility 向主管汇报其职责范围内的所有重要事故

Experience and Knowledge经验与知识:

- Over 3 years’ IT working experience in manufacturing industry; 3年以上在制造行业作为IT的工作经验
- Majored in IT, Engineering or other related. IT,工程或其他相关专业
- Analysis mind; 具有分析型思维
- Able to speak and communicate effectively in English; German speaking preferred; 能够用英语进行有效地沟通;能说德语者为佳

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