Product Development Trainee

Zhang Jia Gang


Entry Level Position

Career Status

Student, final academic year



Start Date


Job Description:
> Responsible for the management and delivery of assigned projects and support activity
> Ensure that all documentation and monitoring of the development process and the detailed product description is done according to the rules of TS 16949
> Identify risks and barriers to successful delivery within work and propose recommendations for resolution in order to manage the risk
> Define the process parameters and implement the necessary testing process and steps to get the production release from either OEM or the direct customer
> Effectively report outcomes, recommendations and findings within agreed timescales using appropriate methods
> Create feasible specifications for in process / finished products for relative departments
> Plan and conduct factory/pilot plant scale up as required
> Plan, conduct and evaluate trials (e.g. field/application, production processes, equipment) as required
> Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of standard products &/or technologies
> Support the production line and the workers during the development process
> Work with marketing department for technical acquisition
> Co-operate with quality and production department in solving quality problems and customer complaints
> Support financial department for the renewal of the certification of National High-Tech Enterprise
> Undertake additional activities as required, within the scope of the role
> Demonstrate commitment and responsibility to integrity and ethics

Job Requirements:
> Master’s degree and above
> Ability to present in a relevant technical area by demonstrating depth or breadth of understanding
> Ability to produce written communication including reports and data using language and content appropriate to a range of audiences
> Ability to use problem solving methodology across a range of situations
> Ability to plan and complete work programmes as directed by line management and work collaboratively and flexibly as part of a team and independently when required
> Ability to interpret strategy and business drivers to influence work plans

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