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Objectives of the Position

•Provide financial and controlling support for all product related business processes for imported and locally produced MFA vehicles in China, in regards to new product projects and running series. Track material costs and keep regular report to managers.


Qualification required


- Academic degree (Diploma/ Master) in Business Administration or Engineering with financial qualifications. Good skills and work experience in the area of Finance, especially Finance & Controlling, strong analytical and conceptual skills.



- 3 years work experience in Project work/ planning, steering, controlling of financial aspects of a project/ Detailed material cost controlling/ Funding controlling/ Target Costing/ Economic Evaluation/ Product calculation; Areas of work: Finance& Controlling, Procurement, Cost Planning.


•Specific Knowledge

- Persuasive Powerpoint and Excel skills, strong communication skills, autonomous and independent working style, self-assured personality, strong teamwork orientation, excellent language skills in English and strong intercultural abilities.


Task designation

•Product Controlling at DGRC (1)

- Preparation of Business Case and Profitability calculations MFA vehicles for decision making towards all relevant committees and board of management (PBC, MBC, AMP, PG, X-Pro and X-Series).

-  Ensure fully consolidated economic evaluations and coordinate the calculation with the participants to ensure optimized project profitability based on realistic premise approach.

-  Provide sensitivities and financial scenario comparison for decision making process.


•Product Controlling at DGRC (2)

- Integration of the component unit cost calculation. Continuous tracking and controlling of unit cost chances and risks. Regular reporting of the unit cost status with special focus on material cost, manufacturing cost, funding and wholesale cost.

-  Safeguarding of linkage of project calculation result with series calculation previous vehicles, especially with regards to material cost, manufacturing cost and fixed cost.

-  Focus on further development of bill of material process, especially with VKP and RD.


•Product Controlling at DGRC (3)

- Continuous support of further development and improvement of current product controlling methods, processes & standards with the objective to effectively conduct the tasks and control product projects with focus on profitability, transparency and consistency.

- Safeguard integration of project controlling planning results, calculations and analysis of the product project in the strategic (FTR) and operative (OP) planning processes at the Joint Venture’s (BBAC/BMBS) and DGRC.


•Product Controlling at DGRC (4)

- Complete targets including break down to the individual line functions for locally produced vehicles.

- Support overall product target alignment process with the relevant parties (Plant, PSQ, Planning and S&M



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