Process Quality Engineer



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Young Professional



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Young professional or fresh graduates.

1.  Quality control in production line.

1.1 Monitor scrap and rework rate in production line, define improvement items and organize the implementation.                                                                          
1.2 Follow the disposal of nonconforming parts. Join in the SQDC meeting, Summary the main quality problem issues
1.3 Organize and follow up the semi and whole steering rework process.

2. Solve quality problem in production line.

2.1 Organize to define temporary action for the problems in serial production.                                    
2.2 Organize to analyze root cause for the problems in serial production.

2.3 Coordinate the related responsible person to solve quality problem and eliminate the root cause.
2.4 Confirm the corrective and countermeasure action plans from related responsible person.

3. Support CTA team for 0Km and Warranty analysis

4. Finish the temporary task according to the direct supervisor's requirement.

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