Process Engineer SOP Machining



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Student, final academic year



Start Date


Job Targets and Decision Making


Responsible for all topics related to the productivity of the line


1.Process Adjustment工艺调整:

Stabilze production processes稳定生产工艺
Bring the dowtime link to the line processes inside the target控制和工艺相关的停机在规定范围内
Top line failure solving and contiouns improve line efficiency解决产线上最多的失效以及持续改进

2. Scrap Reduction :降低报废

Bring the scrap rate inside the targets 控制产线报废率在规定范围内

3. Maintenance :维护
Keep the line according the World class Standards保持产线世界一流级别的标准


Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities

1. Process Adjustment:工艺调整

1.1 Stability of the machining processes保证机加工工艺的稳定性
1.2 Reliabilty of the machining processes保证机加工工艺的可靠性
1.3 Supervision of the machining processes (deviation, troubles)监控机加工工艺,控制变异,解决问题
1.4 Error proofing monitoring放错
1.5 Communication with Europe for special topics针对某些特殊问题和欧洲同事或者供应商交流
1.6 TOP failuare analysis and make action严重问题/失效的分析和解决
1.7 Make corresbonding document for line产线文件制订和更新

2. Scrap Reduction, Project Leader:降低报废,项目主要负责人

2.1 Analysis the scrap (Process, Mechanics, Components) with the team组团进行报废分析(人机料法环)
2.2 Define the actions, monitor the results制定行动,监控结果
2.3 Lessons-learned and reporting总结吸取经验教训

3. Maintenance:维护保养

3.1 Double check all repairs and confirm it according to Standards 确认维修结果确保其符合标准
3.2 Support the team for expertise on trouble shooting支持维护团队排除设备故障
3.3 MSA 测量系统分析


- Rich experience on machining technical and process 丰富的机加工技术和工艺经验
- Mechanical and Electrical basics基本的机械和电气基础
- 5S/TPM, SMED 5S/全员生产维护
- Q-Tools: FMEA, SPC, MSA失效模式及效应分析,统计过程控制,测量系统分析
- Analysis mind有分析头脑
- Rich experience on SIEMENS 840D and FANUC programming.丰富的数控系统西门子840D和发那科系统编程经验

Required Competency and Qualification

Education: University degree

Foreign Language: Fluent English /  German as plus will be really appreciated



Auto or related experience: MUST

Project member experience :PREFER

Intercultural experience: MUST

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