Process Engineer / 工艺工程师

Qingpu, Shanghai / 上海市青浦区


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Young Professional



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  1. Create and supervise wave soldering thermal profiles.
  2. Quality evaluation of THT processes(Wave soldering and manual soldering)
  3. Quality evaluation of all assembly processes
  4. Ensuring compliances with standards(IPC,ISO,customer specific standards,…)
  5. Use FMEA technique and statistical tools like SPC,Cpk and DOE to study and make improvements to the current process(continuous analysis and improvement processes)
  6. Introduction of new and optimization of existing production methods and processes
  7. Responsible for NPI of projects assigned by supervisor
  8. Generating detailed reports of process improvements and experiments conducted
  9. Writing of sample manufacturing reports,quality control plans,SOPs and training documents
  10. Analyze of R&D documents and suggest improvements for new products
  11. Writing of THT and assembly specific DFM(Design For Manufacturing document)as guideline for R&D and other departments
  12. Setup of knowledge database for THT and assembly process
  13. Train and mentor new colleagues


  1. Bachelor degree, major in Mechanical, Electronics and Manufacturing engineering.
  2. Proficient English language, German is a plus.
  3. Willing to closely work with production functions.
  4. Familiar with MS office software.

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