Powertrain EE(Software coordination)



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Young Professional



Start Date


Objective of job

•Central responsibility for the powertrain software applied on the Mercedes Benz vehicles worldwide.

•Planning and coordination of the powertrain software development based on the

•Mercedes Benz global vehicle market launch plan

•Software update demand from the carlines, RD China, and RD Germany

•Request from customers and after-sales

•Responsible for the software launch in the factory and the failure tracking process in the field.


Task description

•Project planning

-Alignment with different interfaces including software supplier and various stakeholders within RD China and RD Germany

-Software-schedule planning (synchronized with engine- and carlines-ramp up planning). V/A-Cycle master schedule planning (R-Plan, generic schedule). Schedule synchronization within powertrain (e.g. transmission).

•Release and documentation

-Software release in accordance with function developer and calibration engineers (V4-V7) after sufficient software validation

-Change management (NCM, ACM)

-Dataset management (CRETA)

-Parts sampling and release according to the quality standards (SQMS)

-Parts supply and ramp-up in global plants (Dialog)

-Manage all technical changes from RD Daimler and organize the handover to the plants


-Flatware- supply to the software databank (EDLS).

-Maintenance of software data for vehicle certification (EROTAN)

•Software Validation

-Organization and execution Testing-V. Planning and attendance of test-drives (e.g. summer test, winter test).

•Central Software coordination Role

-Software versions planning, variant handling, SW-resources-management, variant-coding coordination

-Supplier Management.

-Feature-Rollout-Planning, AEV-Management, Cost-planning, - Management, and -Tracking

-Evaluation and verification of the software performance by endurance testing as well as by vehicle driving test runs.

-Issue tracking, trouble shooting, and solution finding.


Qualification required


-Master degree in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, and electrical engineering or in a related field.

• Experience

-Graduates with first experience in automotive industry (e.g. internships) as well as applicants with minimum 2-3 years working experience at OEMs or suppliers

• Specific Knowledge

-Chinese native speaker with fluent English language skills, German language is a plus

- Computer skills mandatory, including Windows, Office

-Self-responsible working attitude and initiative

-Intercultural competence and communication skills with various hierarchy levels

-Strong planning and organizational skills

-Fast-learning competence and good technical understanding

-High commitment for automobiles

-Willingness to travel inside China and abroad


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