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Objective of job

• Within RD C/TI, dedicated focusing on vehicle data mining, common system APIs/SDK development and platform service functionalities, working scope is in Daimler Vehicle Backend System, which is hosted in China.



• Education

-  Master/Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or with a similar major

• Experience

-  Java, C#, Shell, Python programming experiences. (At least 3 years project development);

-  Good experiences in the field of services interface/APIs architecture – design / define / implementation, knowledge of swagger is a plus;

-  Knowledge of cloud architectures and patterns;

-  Knowledge of micro service patterns and implementations;

-  Experiences of data analyze data visualization and data mining, knowledge of Logstash + Kibana is a plus;

-  Capable of creating data model and generate reporting.

• Specific Knowledge

-  Documentation skills and Diagram drawing skills;

-  Self-responsibility, team player and good communication skills;

-  Chinese native with good English language skills, German language skills are appreciated;

-  Fast learner, Technical vehicle knowledge is a plus.

• Competencies

-  Deep architectural knowledge of System APIs and SDKs, capable of big data analyze and mining;

-  Make sure the DaiVB external APIs and platform services available and stable;

-  Follow up and implement the HQ changes regarding System APIs and SDKs.


Task description

• Local responsible for platform and system services

-  Ensure the system level interaction with other parties

-  Capable to provide troubleshooting regarding system interfaces

-  Align with team members, extended with RD/UCV, ensure the compatibility of Platform components

-  Synchronize, document and tracking architectural changes within system interfaces

• Release and Defect management of DaiVB Platform

-  Communicate with other parties regarding the defects that assigned to DaiVB Platform

-  Communicate and control the release process

• Vehicle Data analyzing and mining

-  Comprehend Daimler Vehicle Backend data model

-  Create use cases and business model in the field of big data analyze and mining

-  Develop and/or Prototyping of vehicle data visualization and usage statistic

• Application of Vehicle APIs and system SDK

-  Propose localized implementation of new services by using system SDK and for extension of existing interfaces

-  Align with HQ for develop environment and tools during evolution of system SDK and System APIs


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