Metallograph engineer 金相工程师



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Student, final academic year



Start Date


Job Targets and Decision Making


1、Ensuring the quality of products and processes based on metallographic microstructure analyses 在金相显微分析的基础上确保产品和过程的质量

2、Independent handling of metallographic examinations and damage analysis 独立处理金相检查和损伤分析

3、Efficient, accurate and timely performance and documentation of tests. 高效、准确和及时的性能测试和文档处理。

Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities

1、Testing and quality evaluation of ongoing production parts and prototypes 测试和质量评估正在进行的生产部件和原型

2、Carry out metallographic and material inspections 进行金相和材料检查

3、Evaluate inspection and measurement results; make release decisions according to control plan. 评估检查和测量结果,根据控制计划发布决策

4、Write and archive inspection reports 出具并存档检测报告

5、Select and use appropriate sampling and preparation methods and develop appropriate inspection procedures 选择和使用适当的取样和制备方法以及开发适当的检验程序

6、Provide technical support to the development departments and advise project partners  为开发部门和项目合作伙伴提供技术支持和建议

7、Realization of maintenance plan for testing machines in the laboratory 制定实验室设备的保养计划

Required Competency and Qualification


Education: Materials Engineering degree or completed vocational training as a metallograph

Foreign Language: Very good spoken and written English/German (further languages an advantage)

Computer Skill: Good computer skills (MS Office, Lotus Notes, PLM, SAP)

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