Manufacturing/ Engineering Trainee - Tires



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Student, final academic year



Start Date


Job Description:

> Introduce technologies and machines in PLT/ CVT Plant - department rotation, a deeper introduction to plant operation, Introduce production processes, Rubber Technologies, Material’s flow and Components
> 12 month shopfloor experience including shift work
- Manufacturing/Engineering Projects within the plant
> Work together with a personal mentor throughout the program
- 1/2 month in one of Continental's Marketing & Sales organizations
> Generalize overview about the overall M&S Strategy and the tasks & responsibilities of a M&S department
- 1st hand experience by working together with direct sale in a tire shop/ during customer visits
> Project based training and assignments in a group of 8 to 10 M&E, 12 to 14 R&D and 4 to 5 MF Controlling Trainees
> 2 individual assignments from field of R&D and central Manufacturing and Engineering
> 1 global business assignment (group assignment together with 1 to 4 other Trainees from M&E/ R&D/ MFCO
> Train of Tire Technology, Tire Development and Tire Production
> Soft skill trainings: Intercultural Training, CBS Training, Team building



> Bachelor's degree or above, major in Mechanical/ Industrial/ Process/ Engineering or Manufacturing or Science
> Internships in Manufacturing/ Engineering, preferrably also international ones
> First working experience up to 2 years
> If Bachelor's degree min. of 2 years work experience is required
> Experience through internship(s) in respective areas for 8-10 months (international internships preferred)
> Project management experience is preferred
> Experience in leading a project team
> At least 2 months of International internship/ study abroad/ working in a muliticultural and international team


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