Manufacturing Engineer Trainee



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Student, final academic year



Start Date


Job Description:

> Alignment of existing production equipment capacity (project related)
> Ensurance of launched production process to meet financial requirement of quoted cost calculation from latest release level (e.g., cycle time, scrap rate etc.)
> Planning of the ergonomic design of workplace and workflow; creation of a concept of material flow for the workplace
> Realization of advanced quality planning and quality assurance during the development process
> Ensurance of the labor safety, energy management and environmental management under consideration of legal and corporate rules
> Planning and supervision of cost budgets, initiation of project related eCR’s
> Documentation of relevant results

Job Requirements:

> Technical Bachelor degree and above
> Good written and oral English
> Experience in serial production is an advantage
> Basic knowledge in project management
> Capable of leading team and working with multiple stakeholders
> Ability for problem solving
> Negotiating skills

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