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1. Focus on Factory Automation System Solution for China.

2. Support development of business case for Smart MechantroniX (SMX) system e.g. Smart Function Kit for Handling, Pressing etc.

3. Support localization of product

4. Connectivity enabled Smart Mechatronic System

5. Establish local requirements and pilot testing of key local customers

6. Establish application support for “bridge solution” and customer support.

7. Collaboration with international product development team.


1. Masters degree in Mechatronic or Electrical Engineering.

2. Minimum 3-5 years of programming experience preferred in industrial automation domain.

3. Experience in programming language C++, C# and Labview.

4. Experience in requirement collection and analysis.

5. Experience in evaluating system architecture depending on requirement analysis.

6. Basic knowledge in project management.

7. Domestic travel required to support new and existing fielded systems.

8. Basic knowledge in Factory Automation related technology, linear motion, drive and control appreciated.

9. Basic German communication skills appreciated.

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