Emission Test Bench Operator



Experienced Position

Career Status

Young Professional



Start Date


Objective of job

•Communicate with relevant test requestors, make test program and test plan

•Perform emission test onsite, upload test program, run/operate the test bench, execute the testing procedures

•Operate test bench software systems

•Conduct regular equipment check, calibration and maintenance

•Make initial evaluation on project results, analyze test result and provide timely feedback to technical issues

•Form technical regular reports and relevant operational documents


Qualification required


  • University or Master degree in Automotive engineering, mechanical engineering or related engineering background. 2 years or above or similar technical field

  • Educational or  assignments abroad is preferred

• Experience

  • Experienced in engine development/automotive industry or test bench operations

  • Master Graduate from technical College

    • Specific Knowledge

  • Knowledge of automotive, engine and key components, emission test standard, be able to identify faults during emission test and make proposal on improvement.

  • Chinese Driver license is mandatory, experienced in driving

  • High analytical competence, technical enthusiast, advocate of benefits of standardization

  • Self-responsible working attitude and initiative

  • Intercultural competence and communication skills

  • Strong planning and organizational skills

  • professional English skills for technical negotiations; German skills is preferred

Task description

• Perform emission test onsite, upload test program, run/operate the test bench, execute the testing procedures:

  • Engine/Powertrain calibration, including PHEV

  • COP testing

  • Correlation checks

  • Certification runs

  • Emission cycles including Particle measurement weighing

  • Canister testing include filling and refilling.(AKB testing)

  • EVAP and ORVR test (SHED).

  • RDE test method, procedure for CN6 regulation and analyze the test result

    • Support Emimission Test Lab daily operations

  • Ensure efficient operations and high use of capacity

  • Regular status report of test bench operations (progress, issues, trouble shooting)

  • Coordinate trouble shooting for all test benches in RD C

  • Make initial evaluation on project results and troubleshooting, analyzing of test results and errors

    • Conduct equipment checks for the following procedures

  • General equipment checks

  • Maintenance checks

  • Equipment daily calibration

  • Weekly and monthly equipment checks


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