Embedded Software Engineer



Entry Level Position


Student, final academic year





Job Targets and Decision Making

  1. Responsible for EPS SW general technical topics and customer requirements analysis, especially on network topics
  2. Responsible for local E/E SW network (communication, diagnosis, flashing) testing
  3. Responsible for fault part SW analysis from engineering or warranty samples
  4. Responsible for local E/E auxiliary SW tools & bench SW development
  5. Responsible for future application SW development: communication drivers, diagnosis interfaces, etc.

Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Understand SW related requirements and ability to discuss internally and externally with customer.
  2. Support internal project team for any technical SW related topics, e.g. SW questionnaire, SW failure analysis......
  3. Support customer discussion on deep SW topics and issues for better technical understanding.
  4. Implement local SW bench test for release on communication, diagnosis, flashing etc.
  5. Understand and configure EPS SW, including related EOL parameters.
  6. Understand well automotive protocols and standards like CAN, UDS, AUTOSAR, etc.
  7. Implement auxiliary SW tool or test bench SW development locally, basing on good SW design skills and different programming languages, especially C.
  8. Implement SW module development locally (UDS, network communication)
  9. Job qualifications

Required Competency and Qualification 任职能力及资格

Education 学历

Bachelor or above, Automotive Engineering, Computer science, Software Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronic, Mechatronics, etc.,

Foreign Language 外语

Fluent Englich and/or German

Methods and Process related Skills and Qualification 方法工具及岗位相关技能

C programming language: Expert

Vector CANape: Expert

EB relative tools: Expert

Vector Logger: Advanced

Vector CANOE: Expert

AutoBox: Basic

Intercultural experience 跨文化工作经验

Interculture Experience preferred

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