Development Engineer研发工程师-转向管柱



Entry Level Position


Student, final academic year





Job Targets and Decision Making 岗位目标及工作权限

  1. Development engineer is the key person for competitiveness and quallity of our products.
  2. With his/her engineering skills, proefessional CAD knowledge and product knowledge he/she develops excellent products.
  3. Constant enhancement and transfer from the know-how
  4. Reach cost, timing, technique and quality target
  5. Full fill the tasks and project target, specificly in CAD and construction, calculation and documentation
  6. Support project management more smooth and efficient
  7. Continuous optimization of the products and the procedures

Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities 主要工作职责

  1. Design of the products: 3D - 2D CAD Works in PLM under guideline, Documentation
  2. Creation of the technical documentation: 3D models under CAD rules, 2D drawings (products and assembly) under template drawing, guideline and checklist. List of critical characteristics. toolings and fixtures, customer presentations and assembly process instructions
  3. Creation and actualisation of the BOM
  4. To work out tolerances calculation
  5. Lead DFMEA activities
  6. Creation AEMA and tracking the status of change management
  7. Creation PT Flow chart
  8. Parpare sample order and test matrix
  9. Understand well customer requirement and attend meeting to review compliance chart
  10. Design of technichal optimization and and cost amelioration of the products and the procedures
  11. Parpare the invention report and contribution High-tech idea
  12. Summaries and present lesson learn during whole of project developing
  13. PLM: Data administration, release of components and sub assembly of the product according his entitlement and in compliance with the PLC
  14. Lead problem solving during test failed analysis and customer complain
  15. Responsible for release of review and prepare documentation(Technical offer) for reviews
  16. Responsible for supplier/customer technical communication
  17. To updated design guideline checklist compliance chart.
  18. Support the project manager for achieving the timing, technique, cost and quality targets
  19. Support prototypes building and the testing
  20. Support the FEM Calculation Engineer by providing up to date datas. Ensure the implementation of the FEM Result in the design
  21. Care on technical project documentation (product release,folder)
  22. Parpare technical offer when acquisition and reviews
  23. Other task assigned by line manager
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