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Objective of job
• Perform data acquisition, data preparation, data cleansing, data modeling, analysis and visualization of large and varied data sources to build a big data driven understanding of customer behavior
• Consult with business units across a variety of different functions to identify opportunities for data to make an impact and then drive these projects to realize the impact
• Be a creative thinker and propose innovative ways that Daimler can realize value from data
• Contribute to building and maintaining the data catalogue, documentation and best practices sharing
• Contribute to building out the data science community with Daimler by actively participating and sharing knowledge with colleagues


Task description
• Data Science
- Conducting data analysis on very large data sets, helping team members with complex algorithms, working together with other data scientists in an agile environment
- Understanding complex data and finding data patterns in different sources
- Create solid statistical predictive models and innovative visualizations
- Guiding the process of algorithm implementation
- Ensure the use cases are in line with business objective and priority
- Ensure use cases are operated in time & communicated professionally
- Drive development and implementation of the big data use cases
• Communication and Collaboration
- Identify and describe significant business opportunities in different Daimler business units together alongside your business partners
- Establish strong relationships and communicate with a wide array of colleagues in different locations
- Integration of all stakeholders in overall processes in order to solve occurring issues as quick as possible
- Be able to communicate about highly complex data topics in easy and understandable ways

• Education
- Quantitative degree (minimum Bachelors)
- Preferred specializations: Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics
• Experience
- 3+ years of experience in an analytics role or equivalent
- A good understanding of statistical concepts and machine learning approaches
- A good understanding of software engineering principles and ability to leverage them to build reliable, repeatable data science pipelines
- Ability to consult within the business and spot opportunities to add value with data driven approaches
- Ability to communicate and explain complex ideas at all levels (from senior management to other technical workers)
- Ability to work independently in an unstructured environment and to manage own projects
- Automotive experience a plus
• Specific Knowledge
- Python/SQL essential.
- Familiarity with at least 1 data visualization tool (Tableau preferred)
- Familiarity with Hadoop Ecosystem (Hive, Spark, HDFS, Kafka)
- Familiarity with Linux
- Familiarity with other languages (R, Scala, Java) a plus
- Familiarity with modern software development practices (Git, JIRA, CI/CD methods) a plus
- Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese (German a plus)


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