Data Engineer



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Young Professional



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1. Participate in digital platform construction, test, development, deployment and monitor and eliminating faults
2. Responsible for website design, development, maintenance and optimization
3. Responsible for optimizing code and maintaining good browser compatibility
4. Responsible for maintaining products and continuously optimizing front-end experience and page response
5. Maintain the database and put forward solutions to the problems in the operation of the database application system
6. Responsible for feature extraction, statistical calculation and analysis of large-scale test data


1. Major in computer science, statistics or mathematics, bachelor degree or above, 2 years or above related working experience
2.  Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other native basic technologies, familiar with relevant specifications, and able to use native to write web pages
3. Be familiar with MySQL database, skillfully use SQL language, and master the basic principles of database
4. Familiar with technical infrastructure; Virtual server, software as a service, Cloud Application
5. Sensitive to data, clear logic, good at finding problems from data
6. Proficient in using one of the mainstream Bi tools, such as tableau, powerbi, quickbi, etc

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