Customer Quality Engineer



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Student, final academic year



Start Date


Young professional or Fresh graduates


1. Q-Topics Internal:

1.1 Establishment and follow up of the quality documentation (prototype, pre-launch, serial)
1.2 Establishment and follow up the control plans (pre-launch and serial) -> process, end inspection, laboratory
1.3 Establishment and follow up of all quality documents, which improve the safety of our products
1.4 Participation for permitting deviations (Project leader for OU EPS)
1.5 Responsible of the training and follow up of final inspectors
1.6 Establishment and follow up of the modifications during the life cycle within Quality Dept.
1.7 Participation for the assembly line reception
1.8 Responsible for the Gages for checking
1.9 Responsible for machine and product release

2. Customer Related Topic

2.1 Customer Focus representative

2.2 Establishment and follow up of the internal Documentation (APQP, PPAP)

2.3 Participation for internal audit and external audit (Project Leader for OU EPS)

2.4 Responsible for the Management of Customer Complaint ( 0km, Warranty, etc.)

2.5 Follow up all action plan of customer audit

3. Q-Thinking:

3.1 Training of all workers to the Q-Thinking (we deliver only good parts)

3.2 Support the team for expertise on trouble shooting

3.3 Communication with Europe for special topics

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