Customer Lead Analyst

Taicang, Jiangsu


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Young Professional



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Job Description/ Responsibilities:

  1. Design and implement lead management processes within TRUMPF China
  2. Develop new lead sources (such as Orbis) and respective customer profiles
  3. Design and implement lead nurturing system
  4. Set up and maintain tools (e.g. Tableau) that are required for Lead Management
  5. Collect and process all inbound sales requests (from Website, E-Mail, trade shows, Orbis etc.) and develop a set of KPI’s to manage the lead process and lead pipeline from the lead generation to an opportunity
  6. Generate outbound leads: Research open leads (CRM Database/ customer classification, Prospect Database and web crawler, Wired Minds..) and manage the lead qualification process that is done by an external party
  7. Create transparency in all stages of lead handling process
  8. Create regular reports to sales managers and top management
  9. Support customer data management process by ensuring a high quality data inflow through inbound and outbound leads into the TRUMPF CRM system

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Academic Background: Diploma/Master diploma from an overseas University
  • Which major preferred: Major in IT, business analytics, data mining or other IT and data related subjects
  • Working experience: Some experience in the industry and IT projects related to big data
  • Knowledge and skills: Interest in working with data, strong analytical skills, self-driven, self-motivated, good presentation skills,ability to communicate with top-management
  • Language: Fluent English, German and Chinese are a plus
  • Other specific requirements:Clear and well structured oral and written communication skills, strong analytical capabilities


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