Connected Car Reliability Engineering



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Objective of job

• Within RD C/TI, to establish and enhance the connected vehicle platform reliability in different ways. Especially to serve the upcoming high performance and reliability demands from connected vehicle.



• Education

-  Master/Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering.

• Experience

-  Java, C#, Shell, Python programming experiences.

-  Good experiences or background of operating large scale IT backend systems

-  Knowledge of cloud architectures and patterns.

-  Knowledge of micro service patterns and implementations.

-  Cross domain knowledge base (Networking, Storage, and Computing)

• Specific Knowledge

-  Documentation skills and Diagram drawing skills

-  Self-responsibility, team player and good communication skills

-  Chinese native with good English language skills, German language skills are appreciated

-  Fast learner, Technical vehicle knowledge is a plus

• Competencies

-  Interest in designing, analyzing and troubleshooting large-scale distributed systems.

-  Focus on availability, latency, performance on the larege scale IT systems.

-  Be able to handle the system-wide actions in following areas, hange management, monitoring, emergency response,

-  Long term view and forecast of capacity planning in terms of overall system scaling


Task description

• Maintain the platform once they are approved for launching, take the responsibilities of the Platform, such as, 

-  measuring and monitoring availability

-  Latency and overall system health.

-  Scale systems sustainably through different ways, like automation.

-  Evolve and enhance systems, with the target of improving reliability and velocity.

-  Sustainable incident response and problem management

• Actively join the application development before they go live through activities such as, 

-  System design

-  develop platform components and frameworks,

-  Capacity planning

-  launch reviews

• Continually Build up and maintain the knowledge base for running platform

-  Documenting and maintain the changes and impacts of the platform

-  Coaching the other colleagues, make the awareness of the capabilities of the platform

-  Coupled with strong communication skills and a sense of ownership and drive.


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