China Components Evaluation

Beijing, China


Entry Level Position

Career Status

Young Professional



Start Date


Objective of job

• Verification and testing of L3 AD components and system with China specification;

• Develop L3 AD system verification and validation methods;

• Coordination and maintenance of test vehicles;



• Education

-  University degree in automotive or electrical engineering;

• Experience

-  Graduates with first experience in automotive industry (e.g. internships) as well as applicants with minimum 2-3 year work experience at OEMs or suppliers;

• Specific Knowledge

-  Chinese native speaker with fluent English language skills, German language beneficial;

-  Very good driving skills;

-  Computer/Testing skills including Windows, Linux, CANoe, CANalyzer, Monaco and ADTF mandatory, SiL & HiL knowledge beneficial;

-  Vehicle E/E knowledge and ECU development knowledge beneficial;

-  Self-responsible working attitude and initiative;

-  Inter-cultural competence and communication skills with various hierarchy levels;

-  Willingness to travel inside China and abroad to conduct system testing.


Task description

• Test data collection and system evaluation

-  Proficiency in measurement technology;

-  Evaluation of China specific components via test data examine;

-  Evaluation of the system via test data examine;

• Coordination of test vehicle usage and updates

-  Keep updating and transparency of vehicle usage plans;

-  Regular contact with different components owners for updating the test vehicles;

-  Trouble shooting the E/E issues of test vehicles;

• Develop AD system verification and validation method.

-  Design smart method for system verification and validation;

-  Design most representative test routes for system release testing;

• Conduct system verification and validation testing

-  Defining verification and validation testing cycles and testing plan;

-  Work individually on the tasks of ECU SW flashing, vehicle status monitoring and vehicle integrity maintenance.


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