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The Industrial Design department is working in innovation, acquisition and design for manufacturing , The effectiveness of each of those phases is very much depending on our digital tools and processes due to: constantly increasing development speed, radically increasing levels of product complexity, system integrated product proposals & startegies integration of user experiences in our product & daily work.
The role of this job is to manage the digital tools development & availability for the global design team for: 
               - use of best in class digital tools fitting to our design goals and strategies
               - improve & push to the maximum our digital design process efficiency
               - align perfectly with internal & external customers for best collaboration
               - make us top in visual output, animated as well as interactive 
               - enable within design a flexible and strong creative digital development.

Key activities:

- Manage for the Industrial design team driving their 3D skills to improve their visual & creative
  output using top notch tools.

- Support the team and lead to answers on all questions around:
- Creation of 3D polygon models efficiently from 3D sketch phases
- Subdivision surface tools (Alias, …)
- 3D rendering creation with Vred and Substance/Patchwork or others.
- Lead on trends/opportunities understanding in new interactive digital tools (Unity, HMI          related, product, game engines….)and develop the necessary knowledge to the best use for our teams in the Faurecia context

- Provide technical guidance th the FAS ID organization in the development of 3D models.

- Budget & develop strategic investment plans to drive the international  Industrial design needs

- Be an active member of the internal IT teams to represent the ID needs & requests

Ideal candidate could be:

- Degree in product design or other creative studies connected to digital software development

- Strong communication skills in English (preferable also in French and or German)

- Minimum 8 years of work experience in a design studio and or software development environment on the relevant topics

- Automotive experience of min 5 years

- Expert in understanding the state of art of Subdivision surface tools, VR and polyon model tools.

- Advanced photographic eye and obsession for details.

- High sensitivity to aesthetics

- Creative mindset and an eterpreneurial approach to your business

- Open to different cultures and willing to travel


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