Calibration Engineer SCR/SCR标定工程师

Wuxi, China


Entry Level Position

Career Status

Student, final academic year



Start Date

Job Description

    • Definition of engine tests in accordance with customer requirement / legislation together with project engineers from system group
    • Adaptation of Urea dosing system (DENOXTRONIC system) on engine test bed with respect to emissions, DEF consumption and ammonia slip
    • Adaptation of system installation and parameters in electronic control unit
    • Support the customer for the layout of SCR-DNOX-system and exhaust gas system
    • Evaluation and presentation of test results (emission, system function).
    • Verification of engine capability for required emission level, transfer into the vehicle.
    • Support of customer in emission performance related topics, support for calibration of DNOX-functions, explain installation guideline and specific SW-functions
    • Optimization according engineering targets regarding engine/vehicle emissions, performance, cold start ability
    • Participation in summer, winter and altitude testing


    • Bachelor/Masters degree in mechanical/thermal engineering with focus on internal combustion engines, exhaust gas treatment
    • Good English language skills (fluent discussion of technical topics possible)
    • Good knowledge of exhaust gas treatment , engine combustion process
    • Good knowledge of emission performance tests
    • Basic knowledge of electronic engine control unit and chemistry of catalyst
    • High capability in understanding of complex systems
    • Good team-work capability


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