Advanced Specialist Total Vehicle Validation



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Young Professional



Start Date


Corporate Division: R&D          

Division, located in Shenyang/China

Employment - full time



Total Vehicle Validation confirms the achievement of the objetives of the costumer relevant vehicle properties. The Advanced Specialist Total Vehicle Validation carries out all activities to test, confirm and document the achievement of the objetives of the costumer relevant vehicle properties in order to be reported in project and board meetings.

Key Responsibilities

  • To make binding statement in boards and to insist on the achievment of targets as representative of the critical customer
  • To derive and to provide objetives of the costumer relevant vehicle properties into target systems of the vehicle development process. Identify and clear conflicts of objectives
  • To define all test activities for Total Vehicle Validation at each milestone in a vehicle project
  • To charge the test departments to verify the particular development level in reference to the development targets
  • To verify vehicle properties basing on all testing results of the costumer relevant vehicle properties and the differences to the targets. Integrate results into documentation
  • To define dates of reporting (depending on above mentioned boards)
  • To assign the planning of vehicle testing in consideration of certain vehicle validation needs and the planning of vehicle projects
  • To integrate partners (I-teams, moduls, etc.) into the Total Vehicle Validation process (over all ressorts)



  • University Degree in Engineering
  • Current vehicle technique
  • Strong communication skills and demonstrate ability to work with others in a cross cultural setting
  • Languages skills: fluent English language knowledge, fluent chinese
  • Verification of vehicle properties
  • Handling of IT-supported vehicle systems
  • Analytical, honest, reliable, determined, ready , independent and initiative
  • Ability to conduct a vehicle to its limits in order to verify the whole bunch of properties
  • Work experience in an international environment 1-3 Years
  • Longterm, diverse experience in the automotive field, especially in vehicle integration processes 4-6 Years
  • profound knowledge in complete vehicle test operations 4-6 Years
  • adequate driving skills (e.g. BMW- internal driver's license "B2", "C1"and higher) 1-3 Years
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