Adv. Sp. Module Testing



Entry Level Position

Career Status

Young Professional



Start Date


Corporate Division:R&D            

Division, located in Shenyang/China

Employment - full time



Test Engineer Module  "Testing and Validation Interior"

Key Responsibilities

  • Setting up the validation plan for the area of responsibility and agreeing this plan with the responsible Module Leader and/or SE Team Leader.  This includes the scope of validation testing (e.g. shaker, infra-red test …) as well as the parts scope to be tested (e.g. seat, interior ...).  This plan also includes the timing plan (e.g. in which build phases the validation should take place).Transfer of knowlegde from BMW to BBA local associates
  • Generation of test and test equipment specifications, geometry and function targets (e.g. geometry, function, ergonomics, stifness, resistence, solidity, durability, reliability, thermal behavior, warping and deterioration bevor and after clima chamber testing, squeak and rattles, acoustic, ) for all the parts and functions of interior components
  • Generation of part specifications books together with the SE-Team leaders for all the parts and functions
  • Target achievement of all functions and specifications for all the parts of the interior components
  • Target achievement of test planing, testing, validation and prototypes budget, weight, quality, warranty costs and cases, time schedule, commonality and standard parts
  • Target agreement with the modul leader and SE-Team leaders
  • Test Planing, Testing and Validation of the parts from Interior components for series and car projects with decided life cycle impulse (LCI)
  • Steering and coordination the external test planing, test equipment, prototype parts, components, car bodies, testing and validation of the prototype and series parts at the external development, testing partner and supplier companies
  • Steering and coordination of the team members of test planing, testing and validation from BMW and supplier companies
  • Sign off of tested and validated parts including achieved geometry and functions of interior components



  • Degreed Engineer in "Automotive or Mechanical or Industrial or Plastics Engineering"
  • Leadership ability
  • Steering and organisation ability
  • Cost and quality awareness
  • German and english language knowledge
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to assert oneself
  • Structured mode of operation
  • One's own initiative and self-motivation
  • Communication ability
  • Expert and process knowledge in test planing, prototype parts and components, test equipment, testing and validation of interior trim and sound insulation and car driving licence BMW B2
  • Long experience as automotive or mechanical or design or plastics or industrial or manufacturing engineer 4-6 Years
  • Expert and process experience in test planing, prototype parts and components, test equipment, testing and validation of interior trim and sound insulation 1-3 Years
  • Good network building ability
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