Adv. Sp. HVB Mechanical Design



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Adv.Sp. HVB Mechanical Design


Division, located in Shenyang/China

Employment - full time



·      The holder of this role serves as the local design authority for design-changes, production trials, product deviations/dispositions.


·      The HVB Mechanical Design Engineer is also responsible for steering the Simultaneous Engineering team members, as well as local suppliers. Furthermore he/she shall be responsible for local releases, product launch, ramp up and sustaining the series production of HVB mechanical components. 


·      The HVB Mechanical Design Engineer is the “local” or “resident” specialist with respect to the HVB mechanical components functions, in addition to all related quality and safety features.

Key Responsibilities

·      Take over local design responsibility from new HVB development engineers (BMW Engineers) during production launch, ramp and series production phase. He/She shall performy this by steering the creation of new part numbers, part revisions, drawing revisions, & BOM. Steering & carrying out bench testing to characterize part/assembly problems, steering HVB teardown (Factory/Field), steering components/assemblies releases, challenge/update requirements and specifications. Requesting all related project targets and component specifications/requirements (Project milestones, costs, design, validation and integration specifications) from the Module leader and other project relevant interfaces.Participate in components sourcing process and support suppliers qualifications for localized parts.These responsibilities and tasks are crucial for the successful launch of new HVB systems in the local market

·      Ensure the geometrical and functional integration of the HVB mechanical components into the HVB complete assembly and vehicles. This shall be carried out by directly collaborating with Functional Integration, System Design, Test and Validation Engineers, to avoid any quality and safety problems in the future

·      The HVB Mechanical Design Engineer is the first responder to yield excursions and shall conduct root cause analysis for design, manufacturing, field issues and propose suitable countermeasures for such deviations. He/She shall collaborate directly with manufacturing, process and quality engineering team to solve yield barriers, scrap issues, in addition to the creation and implementation of rework lines, including kicking-off necessary testing to validate these rework methods

·      Steer suppliers by carrying out suppliers visits for part qualifications, design change reviews, line audits, etc., and manage engineering relationships with the component's suppliers and sub suppliers in order to ensure a conisistent part quality

·      Identify potential risks by participating in DFMEA’s and support PFMEA’s

·      HVB Mechanical Design Engineer shall be responsible for successfully leading the cross-functional SE team members (Engineering, supply chain, quality, production, service, finance and controlling) in order to fulfil the component's EKGQT targets (Functions/Features, costs, weight, quality and delivery schedules) in accordance to the project timeline and report any deviations/risks to the Module Leader in a timely manner. He/She shall achieve that through taking over the following responsibilities

·      Steering the SE-Team through an agenda-based regular meeting to communicate new topics and project milestones, also resolve/mitigate technical, supply chain issues and de-escalate conflicts between the SE-Team members

·      Managing existing/new requirements and targets, as well as collaborating with his/her SE-Team members to specify goals, standards, testing, validation methods and implementing them

·      HVB Mechanical Design Engineer is responsible to Initiate, steer, document and implement the standardized BMW/BBA change management, product maturity/release management, problem management and risk assessment processes in the framework of his/her SE-Team (NAEL,FLS,gÄms,PDM and BAW) in order to adehere with BMW/BBA's management process models

·      Ensure continued product improvements by initiating and steering product improvement action plans for one or more of the HVB mechanical components with taking into account the knowledge gained from previous projects (Lessons learned) in order to reduce costs,  complexity, weight and improve quality

·      Secondary Responsibilities

·      Other responsibilities would require alignment with the line manager based on the Launch Engineer’s skills and experience level. Such responsibilities may include but not limited to leading Intensive Teams, mentoring and coaching of other team members, acting as a center of competence or know-how carrier for a certain technologies and processes

·      Carrying out internal organizational and operational tasks, such as moderating circles, creation of guidelines and manuals, organization of trainings and holding key user roles. etc

·       Scope of Communication / Negotiation:Internal



·      Automotive HV battery concepts and technology

·      Functional understanding for hybrid functions and electric vehicles

·      Mechanical design and FEM calculation skills as well as operation of related CAE tools (e.g. CATIA V5)

·      Profound understanding of mechanical design, geomentic integration and release processes

·      process understanding of component development projects in the automotive industry (High Volume)

·      Very good communication skills, team and customer orientation

·      languages skills: English business fluent

·      languages skills: Chinese business fluent

·      languages skills: German optional

·      Good knowledge in Microsoft office tools

·      ability to prepare working results like reports and presentations in clear and precise way

·      Analytic and working method, also during work under pressure, creativity and hands-on attitude

·      knowledge in quality management and problem solving methods (e.g. 8D, 5why, Fishbone, PPAP... )

·      Target oriented, self-responsible and reliable working attitude

·      Knowledge in BMW/BBA Change, Release, Risk Management systems (NAEL,FLS,gÄms,PDM and BAW )

·      willingness to frequent travelling inside China and extented trips to Munich (2 to 8 weeks)

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