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Chinese candidates meet employer – testimonials – CAMPUS CHINA


“Thanks again for doing a great job! We had a very good experience and talked to many good candidates. We hired our first candidate within 2 weeks and we offered 6 contract proposals”.
Iris Van Aert, Talent Acquisition Professional, OMP


"After the CHINESE TALENT DAYS 2019 we have interviewed 15 candidates and even invited some of them to our plant in Germany. Now we are going to recruit two or three. Overall, the event was very successful for Wörwag."
Kemin Chi, General Manager, WÖRWAG


"From the 24 candidates that we invited for interview 19 received a job offer."
Sng Yih, Director Business Development, Tenneco GmbH


"Thank you for the great support during the job fair Chinese Talent Days. We have selected 47 candidates for face to face interviews."
Kevin Yuan, HR Marketing and Recruiting, Daimler Greater China Ltd.


"We have invited 26 candidates for a 2nd interview after the job fair CHINESE TALENT DAYS."
Zhao, Weiwei, HR&GA Department, BSH Electrical Appliances (Jiangsu) Co,. Ltd.


"Thank you so much for the systematic organization & comprehensive preparation. I'm very pleased with the result Kern-Libers has achieved during the two days"
Sarah Tong, HR Manager – China, KERN-LIEBERS (TAICANG) CO., LTD


"Der Chinese Talent Days war aus unserer Sicht ein voller Erfolg. Danke für die perfekt organisierte Veranstaltung."
Volker Bleischwitz, Technical Sales Tube + Pipe Plants, SMS Meer GmbH


"Auch in der Zukunft werden wir gerne unsere Vakanzen auf Ihrem Jobboard platzieren, es ist wirklich ein sehr guter Kanal, professionell aufgebaut und sehr gut betreut!"
Claudia Price, Recruiting Coordinator, Business Consulting Operations, Bayer Business Services GmbH


"Vielen Dank für die Organisation dieser hervorragenden Jobmesse Chinese Talent Days. Insgesamt haben wir mir etwa 100 Kandidaten gesprochen und weitere 100 Bewerbungen haben wir über ihr Job Board erhalten. Bisher haben wir 10 Telefoninterviews durchgeführt. Weitere Kandidaten werden wir in den nächsten Tagen und Wochen kontaktieren. Im vergangenen Jahr haben wir 8 Kandidaten eingestellt.
JingXian Xi, Human Resources Manager, ThyssenKrupp Presta Shanghai Co., Ltd.


"Bisher haben wir ca. 15 Kandidaten ein Jobangebot gemacht  (sechs Wochen nach der Teilnahme an der Jobmesse in 2013) "
Leo Li, Senior HR Manager, Bosch (China) Investment Ltd.

"Unsere Erwartungen an die Jobmesse Chinese Talent Days wurden mehr als erfüllt – wir haben viele Kandidaten mit viel adäquatem Potential  indentifiziert."
Jürgen Neumeyer, Global Structural Planning, CQLT SaarGummi Deutschland GmbH


"Thank you very much for your perfect organization in Cologne. We at Bosch, also achieved outstanding result. Around 50 candidates were screened and will be invited to Stuttgart for further interviews."
Li Leo, Senior HR Manager, Bosch


"Only four weeks after the job fair we have sent three job offers and more candidates are still in the interviewing process."
Jessalyn Cao, Recruiting Specialist, Saint Gobain Research (Shanghai)


"Thanks a lot for the great organization on these two days job fair. The result is beyond my expectation."
Tally-HuaRong Huang, Global HR Business Partner, ABB


"Thanks for the preparation of the Chinese Talent Days. During the job fair, we have selected at least 20 resumes for next round interviews. Thanks again and keep in touch in future."
Robin Hao, Director HR, Benteler Automobiltechnik


"It was surely a pleasure for us being able to participate at the job fair for the first time and I may say that our expectations have been fulfilled."
Christine Kögler, Geschäftsführung, Textilgruppe Hof AG


"Only positive feedback from my point of view. We have already recruited one of the selected candidates and two more are definitely scheduled."
Timo Pflüger, Personalbetreuung, ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG


"I received only positive feedback from the ThyssenKrupp participants. I am sure that we will attend again."
Stefan Cassel, Corporate Center Human Resources, ThyssenKrupp AG