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As worldwide experts in filtration, MANN+HUMMEL develop solutions for vehicles, industrial applications, clean air inside vehicles and the sustainable use of water. With team spirit and an open culture of communication, we are continuously working towards achieving our vision of ‘leadership in filtration’.

The success and growth of a company can be described in many words – or with just a few figures: more than 80 locations worldwide, over 20,000 employees and sales revenues of roughly 3.5 billion euros in 2016. Here you can find our most important facts and figures at a glance.




MANN+HUMMEL (China) Co., Ltd

MANN+HUMMEL Filter (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

•Founded in 2002 with 38,500 sqm (55,000 sqm)

•988 employees•Main products: Air cleaners, Air filter elements, Intake manifolds, Cabin filters, Spin-on filters, CCV, Fuel filters, Coolant reservoirs.


MANN+HUMMEL Filter (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Liuzhou Branch

• Founded in 2012 with 5,000 sqm (22,000 sqm)

• 45 employees• Main products: Air cleaner, Intake manifolds etc.

MANN+HUMMEL Haoye Filter (Bengbu) Co., Ltd

• Founded in 1996 with 55,000 sqm

• 505 employees

• Main products: Fuel filter, Oil filter, Air filter, Cabin air filter.


Changchun MANN+HUMMEL FAWAY Filter Co., Ltd

• Founded in 2002 with 10,000 sqm (25,000 sqm)

• 337 employees• Main products: Air filters, Liquid products, Air dryer, IF products, Filter elements.


MANN+HUMMEL Filter Jinan Co., Ltd

• Founded in 2010 with 5,000 sqm (20,900 sqm)

• 38 employees• Main products: Air cleaners, Pre Line, Fuel filter.


MANN+HUMMEL Filter Chongqing Co., Ltd

• Founded in 2015 with 5,000 sqm (20,900 sqm)

• 40 employees• Main products: Air cleaners, Air intake manifold


Longkou MANN+HUMMEL Filter Co., Ltd

• Founded in 2016 with 5,000 sqm (20,900 sqm)

• 250 employees• Main products: Air filter, oil filter element

Opportunities with the champion


A lot of factors make us an attractive employer in China, such as our corporate culture and Focus, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Excellence and Respect (FILTER)  values, which also serve as guidelines for the open and fair treatment of our employees


Our success and corporate culture serve as the basis for a wide range of career opportunities. We are also committed to systematic talent management, with intensive further training and the active promotion of career opportunities - both in China and at our sites around the world.


We also offer a number of attractive benefits, relating to health care, for example. Many sites have modern company catering facilities offering high quality food. Site-specific personnel management concepts and a high degree of working time flexibility help you to maintain a healthy balance between family and career


With our company pension scheme we are already looking after your future: MANN+HUMMEL provides you with company support.


Learn what makes MANN+HUMMEL a "Great Place to Work©" and what we can offer you as an employer. Contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

The group’s product portfolio includes air filter systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters and plastic sound components (known as 'symposers'), as
well as filter elements for vehicle servicing and repair. For general engineering, process engineering and industrial manufacturing sectors the company’s product range includes industrial filters, a series of products to reduce carbon emission levels in diesel engines, membrane filters for water filtration and filter systems. Further information about MANN+HUMMEL can be found under

MANN+HUMMEL is not only a leading development partner and OE supplier to the international automotive industry, but also supplies world-famous MANN-FILTER brand products in the aftermarket to fit most vehicles around the world.

The MANN-FILTER range of products also meets the highest standards of quality and service demanded by our OE customers.




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