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DUNGS is an internationally leading player in the gas industry, headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany.

The Group designs and manufactures safety-relevant systems and components for the automation and control of gas combustion processes.

With a global presence and a workforce of more than 650 employees, we are a market leader and  the preferred partner of most renowned OEM customers.


DUNGS comes along with many heaters. It's quite possible that we are helping to provide warmth in your home as well.

We are on fire about industrial heating processes - no matter if it's about melting chocolate, roasting coffee or processing steel.

We optimize the utilization of gas engines and deliver complete gas trainsfor thermal power stations.


Germany: Urbach, Albershausen, Osnabrück

China: Shanghai

Worldwide: Austria, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, USA, Japan, India, Russia



140 Mio. EUR worldwide




Germany: 450

China: 45

Worldwide: 650

Since the early 90s DUNGS is active on the Chinese market

In April 2006 we founded our first of two subsidiaries in Shanghai.


From there we supply innovations and systems for the air conditioning, heating, process heating and cogeneration industry in China.

  • Worldwide support and networking through the Dungs sales organization
  • Own R&D department and parts production
  • Complete design and installation of our gas trains
  • Repair Shop

We are proud to share our experience and expertise with manufacturers and users all over China.



DUNGS is the interface between gas and safety.

We master the complete technology for controlling, metering and modulating fuel gas and combustion air.

For this we offer the entire hardware - from individual valves to complete gas trains - from the safety technology of the burner control unit to burner management systems.

Internationally successful product families not only guarantee reliability, economy and ease of use, but also exemplary quality and safety.

Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG

Karl-Dungs-Platz 1
73660 Urbach

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