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Faurecia – a global automotive player!


With 266 industrial sites, 39 R&D centers and 114,000 employees in 35 countries, Faurecia is a top ten global automotive supplier.

Faurecia’s mission is to develop technologies for Sustainable Mobility and to create personalized experiences for the Cockpit of the Future. At the same time, we offer solutions to meet the challenges of future generations in line with our Convictions.

The headquarter of Faurecia is located in Shanghai. Faurecia has near 17,000 employees, including 1,000 engineers and technicians, and has established 48 factories and four research and development centres. In the future, Faurecia will further deepen China's strategy and develop the Chinese market deeply.


At present, Furecia has 4 R&D centers and 1000 professional engineers and technicians in China. Faurecia has applied 96 national patents and 24 international patents, and all products produced in China are researched and developed in China.


In order to better realize the innovation transformation, Faurecia is actively using internal and external resources, to lay out an open innovation ecosystem and preempt technological development. Faurecia China is stepping up cooperation with academic institutions, government agencies and industry partners to tap into innovative sources. 

In its four core business fields, Faurecia has the world's leading position:


Faurecia Seating (FAS) - Faurecia, as a manufacturer of car seat systems, has a complete set of car seat product lines: seat frame, electronic and pneumatic systems, seat comfort technology (product, system, trim) and the whole chair;


Faurecia Clean Mobility (FCM) – The professional techniques of FCM include: complete discharge system, the hot and cold end, catalyst, particle filter, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), energy recovery, muffler, lightweight technology, composite materials and powertrain electrification.


Faurecia Interior Systems (FIS) -Faurecia develops and manufactures overall cockpit, dashboard and central control, panel, noise reduction module and interior decoration for all kinds of vehicles.

Faurecia Clarion Electronics (FCE)-Electronics, software and artificial intelligence for personlized users experiences.

Faurecia Group

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