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Are you up to the challenge of protection tomorrow’s technology in an international environment? Then you are at the right address: We are one of the leading firms in the field of intellectual property in Germany, working daily on protecting ideas and products from copycats.

dompatent is proud of over 70 years of experience in securing and defending innovations – worldwide, in all technical fields. Our core competence lies in the field of patents and trademarks, focusing on the technical fields of telecommunication, electrical and mechanical engineering and chemistry.

Our clientele ranges from single inventors to medium-sized enterprises and international companies. A special focus lies on the Chinese market and our attorneys are constantly working on establishing new business relations in China, including hosting Chinese clients in Cologne and visiting China several times a year.

In order to further strengthen our presence in China, dompatent is seeking Chinese graduate or undergraduate students for the position of a trainee patent attorney in the field of communication technology, electrical engineering or physics. No legal experience required. If we have raised you interest, please refer to our job offers for more details. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Patent attorneys work in a unique space where law, commerce and technology overlap. One of the engaging aspects of being a patent attorney is being able to actively utilize both scientific and legal knowledge. As a patent attorney you are charged with challenging tasks that require creative thinking as well as analytical reasoning, making the job intellectually very stimulating and providing for a rewarding career rich in variety. Patent attorneys are in high demand when it comes to protecting tomorrow's technology by drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications, defending existing patents and advising clients and colleagues in Germany and abroad. In addition to closely working with inventors and dealing with patent offices and courts around the world, the job of a patent attorney also offers the unique challenge of acquiring new clients in Germany and abroad.


The training to become a patent attorney involves three years of on the job training in addition to gaining the necessary legal education by attending courses, either in person or online. At the end of your training, you will take the qualifying exam (EQE) to become a European patent attorney, conducted by the European Patent Office.


Dompatent will partner you with an experienced patent attorney of our firm, making sure you receive the best support in becoming a valued member of our team of patent attorneys.

China is one of the most potential and innovative markets in the world, having filed more than 12,000 patent applications with the European Patent Office last year, an increase of almost 30% compared to 2018! Chinese multinational technology company Huawei again leads the list of the Top 25 Applicants with the European Patent Office with 3524 patent applications in 2019. Dompatent recognized the potential of the Chinese Market early on and we have been extensively active for our Chinese clients for more than 20 years, our specialists providing Chinese clients with support in terms of strategic planning and development of patent portfolios as well as in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, dompatent has already assisted numerous Chinese companies in successfully entering the European market.


In order to further develop our presence in China, we are seeking Chinese native speakers with a high level of expertise in the field of information technology and electrical engineering who are interested in supporting our Chinese clients as well as acquiring new business opportunities in China. 

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