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CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., LTD. is a core subsidiary of CRRC. The enterprise is committed to electric locomotives, urban rail vehicles, emu, maglev vehicles, energy storage trams,rail engineering vehicles and other full-spectrum rail transit traction equipment and new technologies, new energy public transport vehicles, important parts of the research and development, application and service.


CRRC ZELC is the largest electric locomotive research and development base in China, the national designated enterprise for the localization of urban rail transit equipment, and the leading enterprise of Hunan rail transit industry cluster with a total of 100 billion yuan. It is known as "the capital of China's electric locomotive", "the birthplace of China's emu technology", and "the capital of China's commercial maglev".







CRRC ZELC founded in 1936, is the first enterprise specialized in developing electric traction rail transit equipment in new China. In Vienna, Kuala Lumpur, Ankara, Pretoria, as well as Shanghai, guangzhou, wuhan, kunming and other places has 22 subsidiary companies, in Asia and Europe than America five continents over 20 countries and regions have nearly 50 project orders, Prisident Xi praised the company "that is all the way ' 'area construction," prime minister li keqiang, praised the company's products is the representative work of "China's high-end equipment go out".


CRRC ZELC has one academician of the Chinese academy of engineering and 14 industry experts enjoying special government allowance under the state council. There are 3 foreign technical experts, 1 national 10,000 plan expert, 2 CRRC scientists and 12 CRRC chief experts. Led by academician liu youmei and composed of more than 2,000 research talents including senior experts, chief experts and key scientific researchers. has promoted ZELC to become a leader in technology research and development and technological innovation in the rail transit equipment industry.

中国 湖南 株洲 


Zhozhou Hunan China




  【Brand Core Values】 The brand core values of CRRC are: customer-oriented, responsible, reliable, and creative.   



  【Products&Services】CRRC undertakes design, manufacture, testing, commissioning and maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock, including: electric locomotives, diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives from 280 kW to 10,000 kW for mainline and shunting duties; high-speed trains of speed over 350 km/h; DMUs and EMUs for urban, suburban and regional transport; trams and light rail vehicles; metro cars and passenger coaches; as well as full line of freight wagons, such as covered wagons; open-top wagons for coal, ore, steel and timber; hopper wagons for grain, ore, fertilizer; flat wagons; double-deck container flat wagons; tank wagons for all types of liquid and chemicals; tipper wagons, schnabel and depressed center wagons, as well as track machinery.


No.1 Tianxin road, Shifeng district / 株洲市石峰区田心路1号
412001 湖南 / Hunan

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