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Bosch Rexroth (Changzhou) Co. Ltd., established in 1996, has passed through more than 10 years in Changzhou focusing on its high-level field - “Drive and Control”. Bosch Rexroth (Changzhou) Co. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rexroth, and since its inception in 1996, China professions and its design unit cooperate closely with each other to provide excellent service for China industry market. Currently, Bosch Rexroth (Changzhou) mainly produce Industrial valve; standard and special application of hydraulic cylinder; whole sets of hydraulic system; Assembly Technology etc. Our products have been widely applied and appreciated in civil engineering, heavy industry, general machinery, mobile machines, marine and off-shore,I4.0 as well.


To strengthen the localization ability in research and development, China region R&D center was established in 2010.  It can provide technical service for industry &mobile control area to better meet the requirements for Chinese users.


博世力士乐(常州)有限公司自1996 年成立以来,历尽数十载,致力于其具世界领先地位的“传动与控制”领域。博世力士乐(常州)有限公司是博世力士乐公司的全资子公司,自成立以来与中国各行各业及其设计单位密切合作,为中国工业市场提供优良服务。以其成熟的制造工艺和先进的技术为客户提供工业阀、液压油缸、液压动力系统以及装配技术等产品与服务。公司的产品广泛地应用于水利工程、重工业、机械制造、通用工业、行走机械、工业4.0等。




Bosch Rexroth (Changzhou) Co. Ltd.

No 17 Longmen Road Wujin Hi-tech Industrial Zone
213161 Changzhou

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